We are a Tourism Agency that recognizes the importance of promoting and implementing practices that contribute to the development of sustainable tourism by means of an outline of agreements adopted from the national Sector Technical Standard NTS-TS003. We are committed to sustainable management through the implementation of action to prevent practices discriminatory to vulnerable populations, and in general to support current legislation related to ESCNNA, as well as optimizing the sustainability of our agency.

Corporate social responsibility presupposes the commitment to constantly contribute to sustainable development, not only that of the organization itself, but of the local communities; as well as caring for the environment. These are always included in the sustainable management model that is monitored annually to optimize the quality of services provided by our clients and suppliers. We keep in mind the consumption of natural resources, kind management of the environment, and regional promotion of those destinations we offer as heritage sites. Also important is waste produced inside and outside of the installations, and we take measures to reduce sources of contamination, attempting to mitigate and compensate the waste of resources.


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